Natural Remedies for Varices Treatment

Natural Remedies for Varices Treatment

Effective homemade recipes to use as natural treatment against varices located in legs o in any part of the body.

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Homemade Remedies Treatment for Varices.

Varices appear as a consequence of a failure in the valves located in the veins of legs. This failure makes the blood to accumulate and to increase its pressure in the veins walls which swell and inflate leading to varices ulcers. Then, muscular contractures and tiredness tend to appear behind the knees.

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Women are more affected by varices than men due to genetic predisposition and pregnancy.

When being affected by varices, certain daily care must be taking into account, but in order to follow a complete treatment and obtain effective results, you can use some of the following homemade remedies as allies.

  • Horse Chestnut Tea to Eradicate Varices

Boil 1 liter of water with 50 grams of Horse Chestnut Bark for 10 minutes, then strain and drink only half a liter of the infusion everyday in order to repair and tone the veins.

  • Arnica Treatment to Eradicate Varices

Prepare an Arnica infusion and put a cloth with Arnica on your legs in order to reactivate blood circulation. You can also use Arnica dye, which you can find in pharmacies and herboristeries.

"Do legs exercises and give regular massages to them in order to reactivate blood circulation as they help to reduce and stop varices progress."

  • Green Clay to Eradicate Varices

Stir four or five tablespoons of green clay in a cup of water until you get a light paste. Put the paste on the affected area, best at night, as it is a compress and let it dry. Finally, wash with white soap and warm water.

  • Aloe Vera Against Scratching

Give a massage to the affected area everyday with Aloe Vera for scratching relief.

  • Herbal Homemade Recipe

Boil 2 liters of water, remove from the heat and add a handful of chamomile, mint and bay leaves. Once it gets warm, place the infusion in a washbasin with a pinch of bicarbonate and wash your legs.

  • Cayenne Pepper Treatment

Drink a cup of hot water with a teaspoon of cayenne pepper twice a day.

  • Homemade Recipe for Varices

Eating great amounts of garlic and sweet chilli in foods and salads helps to eradicate varices due to the fact that it improves blood circulation.

  • Epsom Bath Salts to Eradicate Varices

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Apply Epsom bath salts many times in legs when bathing .Prepare cold and hot compresses with two tablespoons of Epsom bath salts in a liter of water. First, apply the cold compresses for two minutes and then apply the hot ones for the same time.

  • Apple Vinegar Homemade Remedies

Apply compresses with plenty of apple vinegar on the legs with soft upwards movements. Leave the legs lifted the most you can before washing them.

  • Vegetables Juice

Stir a cup of water with 300 grams of carrots and 200 grams of spinach and drink the juice early every morning.

  • Essential Oils Treatment to Release Pain

Mix   30cm3 of Calendula essential oil, 3 drops of Cypress essential oil, 2 drops of Sandalwood essential oil and 1 drop of Mint essential oil. Then, give a massage to your legs upwards starting from the ankles to the thighs. Finally, mix two drops of Mint essential oil and Rosemary essential oil and put compresses on the legs.

  • Garlic Based Remedies against Varices

Crush five heads of garlic and put them on alcohol for a while. Then, rub this paste on the legs.

  • Natural Remedies to Prevent Varices.

Rub a piece of cotton wet with Caqui juice on the veins bumps located in the legs many times a day.

  • Infusions against Varices

Drink a cold cup of some of the following infusions every day.

"You should try one or more of these homemade treatments in order to eradicate varices until you find the most powerful for you."

-  Prepare an infusion of a cup of boiling water with a teaspoon of ginger fresh root.

-  Prepare an infusion of a cup of boiling water with two teaspoons of dry horsetail.

Final Recommendations:

Homemade remedies against varices should be combined with a balanced diet; that is to say, reducing the intake of high- fat food and increasing the intake of fibre, fruits and vegetables.

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