How to make homemade remedies to bring your temperature down

How to make homemade remedies to bring your temperature down

Effective tricks and homemade remedies to lower a fever in kids and adults, keeping it below the 39°C.

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What does fever means?

Fever shows us that the body is fighting infections. A temperature below 39° C is not dangerous, but if it is above this degree, we should go to any emergency room and take fever reducing medicine containing Dipyrone or Ibuprofen. 

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The best thing to do is to keep temperature between 38°C and 39°C with some homemade remedies. It is not necessary or convenient to lower the temperature below 38°C; so that the body keep fighting infections, or take medication if temperature is below 38°C.

So, in this article you will find some practical homemade remedies to lower a fever higher than 38°C.

"Drinking a cup of birch tea, ginger tea, lemon tea or elder tea will make you sweat and lower a fever."

Homemade tricks to lower a fever

  • Lemon and ginger infusion
    Makea tea with a little bit of grated ginger root mixed with ½ lemon juice and take a cups many times a day. This tea will help you fight some symptoms, such as nasal congestion or cold. 
  • Orange peel infusion
    Boil some orange peels and then drink this infusion.
  • Bay leaves tea
    Make a tea with some bay leaves. Then, drink it two or three times a day. It is a trick to lower a fever made by native people.
  • Mashed potatoes: Old trick to lower a fever
    Grate a raw potato with a thick grater and place this paste on the stomach or forehead. Once it gets dry, change it.
  • Chili powder
    Season all your meals with chili powder. Chili capsaicin not only will make you sweat, but also it will increase your blood circulation.   
  • Willow bark tea
    Willow bark contains salicin. You can make an infusion by boiling a small amount of its barks in water, then take this infusion three times a day. Due to the fact that it has aspirin' similar properties, it is antipyretic.
  • Linden tea
    Linden flowers contain flavonoids, which has an effect on sweat glands so they make you sweat.  
  • Sweating to lower a fever
    Sweating will help you lower a fever. Drinking one of the above mentioned teas and getting covered in bed will make you sweat. Try to change clothes every time you get wet because of sweating.
  • Birch tea
    Drinking a cup of birch tea, ginger tea, lemon tea or elder tea will make you sweat and lower a fever.
  • Green onion compresses
    Crush agreen onion, make compresses and place them on your feet soles. Keep them for a while covered with socks. Once they get dry, change them. 
  • Warm water bath
    Have a bath with cold water, as the body will react against cold and will try not to lose heat. You should take a warm water bath using a sponge to wash the warmer areas of the body.
  • Basil tea
    Place two tablespoons of dry basil leaves in a cup of boiling water and let it sit for 15 minutes. Drink this infusion many times a day.
  • Potato wet with wine
    Chop a potato in slices and wet with wine. Then, place the slices (wrapped with a cloth) on the temples.  
  • Rue and eucalyptus infusion
    Mixsome rue and eucalyptus branches with two camphor tablets in a glass jar. Then, fill the jar half down with rum. Let it sit for two days and store it in a fresh place. Every time someone in the family has fever, pour a little bit of this preparation into an aluminum plate, place on the heat for a while and place  warm on the junctures.   
  • Green clay and cold water
    Mix green clay with cold water and make compresses. Place them on the forehead, the chest and the belly. Once they get warm, change them. Green clay is available in herbal products stores.   
  • Rosemary alcohol
    Apply this alcohol as a wrap to lower a fever.
  • Onion shake
    Mix an onion with milk and sugar. Boil the preparation and take a cup every 2 or three hours. This will help fight infections and lower a fever.
  • Curd cheese
    Mix five tablespoons of curd cheese with milk and some drops of vinegar until you get a paste. (Not so creamy).Then, wet a cloth or a piece of cotton with  this preparation and apply on the calves. Cover the calves with a woolen scarf and change the cloth once it gets warm.

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