How to relieve stomach acidity

How to relieve stomach acidity

If you feel burning or stomach acidity here you can find some home remedies to relieve this pain.

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Home remedies for heartburn relief

There are several home remedies to relieve heartburn; here we mention some of them.

  • If at the end of the meals you feel that annoying burning or heartburn, you can relieve your pain by eating a big slide of ricotta (also called cottage cheese), ricotta relieves pain because it acts like a sponge absorbing the gastric juice that cause acidity.
  • If you don't have ricotta at your house you can try with a licorice infusion, anise or chamomile tea.

Don't forget that these tips are to relieve casual stomach heartburn, not to heal a recurrent or chronic acidity; if that's the case you should go to a doctor.

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How to make homemade remedies for acidity

How to make homemade remedies for acidity

Homemade remedies for stomach acidity

First of all, it is important to distinguish between stomach acidity and stomach ulcer, which is a more serious condition.


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