How to make homemade remedies to remove warts?

How to make homemade remedies to remove warts?

There are many tricks and recipes to remove warts from the body, if we put some effort and perseverance.

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Homemade recipes and tricks to remove warps from the body

There are many ways to remove warts. In almost all the ways, the removing times, vary from 20 to 30 days, depending on the size and the constancy of the treatment.

  • C vitamin pills
    Smash a C vitamin pill and mix it with a few drops of water, until you get a paste. Put the mixture only over the wart and leave it as long as possible.

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  • Higo to remove warts (recommended by users)
    Cut one higo by the half and pour over the wart the milk that comes out of it. With that, the wart is taken away very fast.
  • With castor oil
    Apply the castor oil over the wart 20 times a day, until it falls.
  • Homemade recipe with an aspirin and garlic
    Take one aspirin and grind it well, then do the same with the garlic clove. Sprinkle the aspirin over the garlic. Finally paste the mixture to a tape and put it over the wart, holding it as long as you can.

"Those treatments are used to remove normal warts; there are some types of warts which require surgery or a specific treatment."

  • Calendula leaves
    Crush some calendula leaves in a mortar, until you get a paste. Apply that paste over the wart and secure it with tape or gauze. Change the gauze every day.
  • Silver nitrate against warts (recommended by users)
    Another option to remove warts is to burn them with silver nitrate. At pharmacies, you can found some products made based in silver nitrate, which slowly makes the wart disappear. Only apply it over the wart not to burn the skin.
  • Bicarbonate and castor oil (recommended by users)
    You can apply over the wart a homemade ointment made with: bicarbonate and castor oil. Put the ointment twice a day and cover it with a gauze.
  • Banana skin
    Cut a piece of ripe banana peel and put it with the inner skin to the wart. Secure it with a bandage. Change it every day until the wart falls.

Genital warts

Another type of warts are genital's ones, which appear very often. Many times, this type of wart are produced by a viral skin disease, or in other cases (which are more complicated yet) are produced by sexually transmitted diseases.

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In case of this type of warts is always better to see a specialized doctor.

Some important recommendations

  • Do not cut the wart under any circumstances. To do that increases the exposure to contagion and possible infections.           
  • If the wart is somewhere that causes a lot of pain, see a specialized doctor to burn the wart with chemical treatments.
  • NEVER take out the wart using knives or scissors.

How to Remove Anemia with Homemade Remedies

Homemade recipes to remove anemia

Anemia is caused by a deficiency of hemoglobin in the blood. It is produced by a low level of iron, and iron is very important for the body to produce hemoglobin. This deficiency can be produced by a poor nutrition, loss of blood (such as menstruation or accident), or after pregnancy.

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