Homemade remedies for urinary tract infections

Homemade remedies for urinary tract infections

Several homemade remedies to relieve the pain, treat and eliminate urinary tract infections, or as a preventive therapy if you have already suffered from these painful infections.

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How to heal urinary tract infections with homemade remedies

Urinary tract infections are tremendously annoying and they consist of a burning sensation when urinating, frequency, cloudy urine, and a sensation of a full bladder.

Generally, they affect more women than men, but nobody is exempt from suffering from them.

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With these homemade remedies you can first reduce the nuisance, and then get rid of urinary tract infections.

Homemade products for urinary tract infections

  • Treatment with Vitamin C
    Take 500 mg of vitamin C twice a day with a generous amount of water. This changes the urine PK and makes it more acid which prevents the persistence of the urinary tract infection.

Complementary prescription frequently used by doctors.

  • Sodium bicarbonate

Effective if applied when the first symptoms appear. Dissolve 1/4 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in 125 ml glass of water. First, drink two regular glasses of water, and after that a glass with bicarbonate.

  • Onion and garlic soup to treat urinary tract infections

In one liter of water: put two medium chopped onions, four cloves of garlic cut in half, and a pinch of rosemary and thyme. After boiling them for 15 minutes, strain the preparation and drink it at least twice a day.
The onion and the garlic have antiseptic and antibacterial properties, and they can fight all types of urinary tract infections.

  • Apple vinegar and honey

Drink a glass of water with two teaspoons of apple vinegar and two teaspoons of honey in each meal.
Cranberry juice to get rid of urinary infections
Homemade remedy used for many years with excellent results, and it is proven that drinking cranberry juice inhibits the adherence of the bacteria to the walls of the urinary tract which facilitates the urinary elimination.

  • Sitz baths to relieve pain

Giving yourself sitz baths, with warm water and a cup of vinegar helps to relieve the pain associated with cystitis.

  • Drinking plenty of fluids

Bacteria is eliminated in urination Drinking plenty of fluids will make you urinate more frequently, and since the urine is more diluted, it will be less irritating. But do not drink only water, prepare some homemade remedies based on the infusions or juices appearing in this guide.

  • Parsley for urinary tract infections

Parsley used in salads or infusions (two spoons per cup) is a great urinary tract disinfectant.

  • Corn silk for urinary tract infection

Boil three spoons of corn silk in a cup of water for 10 minutes and drink it every day.

  • Pear leaves

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Drink an infusion made of 100 grs. of pear tree leaves per liter of water. Let it rest for half an hour after boiling.

  • Garlic cloves to fight against urinary tract infections

Eat three garlic cloves per day alone or with meals.

  • Marshmallow root

Soak 4 teaspoons of marshmallow root in a liter of water all night, and later drink it during the day.

  • Flaxseed

Cook 25 grams of flaxseed in a liter of water, and drink it during the whole day.

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