How to cure respiratory problems with home remedies

How to cure respiratory problems with home remedies

Natural medicine can help you reduce the symptoms or respiratory problems with the help of some herbs.

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Ideas to cure respiratory problems

Natural alternatives are a good option to reduce respiratory problems present during winter season.

Just an infusion or the inhalation of certain herbs can to a great extent help clear upper respiratory tracks, helping you have a nice rest and tolerate these unpleasant symptoms.

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The following herbs are the most generally used and they can be easily found in any herbalist shop. Taking into account the following information you will be able to reduce your symptoms and you will feel better.

"To cure respiratory problems, the plant is the quintessential antiseptic eucalyptus infusion is prepared with leaves and water system, and inhale the steam."

How to cure respiratory problems with home remedies

Marshmallo. The marshmallow has expectorant effects, its leaves are used to reduce bronchial problems and irritating cough. To make use of it,  infusions are prepared and are taken hot.

Eucalyptus. This plant is naturally antiseptic. With its leaves an infusion is prepared in hot water and the vapor is inhaled. They are ideal for chest infections.

You can have a massage with these leaves, dissolving 2 ml of eucalyptus oil in 25 ml of almond oil. It is used for colds, bronchitis, athma and flu.

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Yarrow. The yarrow is used to treat colds. Its flowers are drunk in infusions that relieves the cold. Athmatic persons can inhale them.

Angelica. Angelica leaves are ideal for relieving bronchial problems. It can be consumed in infusions three times a day.

It can also relieve joint pain by adding several Angelica leaves to the bath water or make compresses with the resulting of the decoction of its roots, that will be put over the painful joints.

Remedies to cure a stye

What is a stye

A sty is an infection of the sebaceous glands on the base of eyelashes or eyelids that can be painful and annoying.

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