How to clean your skin

How to clean your skin

Cleaning your skin is the first commandment of beauty. It’s something that every woman that wants to have a healthy and youthful skin has to remember.

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There are two ways of cleaning your skin, the one we perform on ourselves everyday and the one that an expert does in an extended way. Here, we will tell you how to make a good facial in your own house.

When we clean our skin

Cleaning our skin after makeup or by the night is something that we do all the time. But we also need to clean it before using makeup, because even when we just get up from bed, residues are piled up in our skin due to the sweat or natural sebum that is expelled from our pores.

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Tipos de piel

Cleaning, skin toning and hydration are the three main steps that we have to follow every night. First, find the specific products for our skin (dry, oily, combination type)

¿ How can we know what type of skin do we have? Remember that:

Dry skin: barely have residues, it's usually taut and presents flakes and wrinkles. The pores in general are slightly perceptible, the surface of the skin looks dull and is dehydrated.

"The complexion cleaned after having makeup or at night, is something we always do."

Oily skin: is characterized by big and open pores. The skin is thick; its surface is wet and shows a good hydration.

Combination skin: it's usually greasy in the "T" zone of the face but in the cheekbones it is rough and taut.

Tips for cleaning the skin

We may also have less time for cleansing or find ourselves in a less suitable place to do this patiently; in that case, the makeup remover towels are very handy because they clean our skin and at the same time they moisturize it.

Water is a very important element in this process and it's better to use it in a natural temperature or room temperature, very cold or very hot water will harm our skin and we don't want this to happen.

When the time to dry our face comes, we must not rub it strongly because that will stimulate the production of sebum, the best way is to do it with little taps using the towel so that the skin could start to dry off and it stimulates circulation.

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"Respirators should also choose them according to your skin type and give us a deeper clean."

We must also choose our facial masks according to our type of skin and they provide us a cleaner skin. You must use them once a week and before going to sleep.

As you've seen, these steps are very simple, the only thing that you need is a bit of perseverance and regularity. Don't forget that doing this "now and then" won't help you at all. Make it a habit and if you clean your face every night, you'll get an impeccable, smooth and healthy skin.

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