How to define your curls in five steps

How to define your curls in five steps

In this article you will find some tips to take care and highlight your curls; and as a consequence, show a sexy and well defined hair.

20/11/13 por Evelyn

How to take advantages of curly hair

Curly hair is not easy to maintain; that is why, you should take care of it in the right way, as it can be easily damaged, becoming frizzy and lifeless. Stop asking yourself, "Why do I have the hair straight today?", and start enjoying a sexy and well defined hair. Did you know that men feel attracted to women with abundant hair?, so take advantage of these tips and start showing you curls.

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Five steps to reach gorgeous curls

1. Keep your hair clean: Naturally, you hair needs more care than straight hair, because curly hair do not produce enough grease. Do not wash your hair every day, just two or three times a week is enough.

"Naturally, curly hair needs more care than straight hair as it does not produce enough grease."

2. Choose appropriate products: Take your time and choose the right shampoo for your hair type. Your look is important, so base your choice on the quality of the product, not on its price. Before washing, detangle your hair, and once you apply conditioner, brush your hair one more time.

3. Get a suitable volume: There are many products available in the market, but the best products for you are the ones with foam, so apply the product evenly over your hair so as to define your curls by turning your head upside down and shaking it with your hands to reach that desired volume.

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"To define your curls, you can roll your hair in hair rollers."

4. The hair dryer can be your friend: Give yourself an extra help. If you have time, use a hair dryer on low heat as it were a fan. Again, do this process by turning your head upside down and using your fingers as a comb. Press the hair ends tightly in some parts to crease them.

5. Define your curls with imagination: If even so your curls do not look pretty, buy some hair rollers. You should separate your hair in sections and roll it in them. In case you want to make a more homemade method, toilet paper tubes will help you get soft waves. So, from now on your curls will be an advantage not a pain.

Homemade Recipe to Avoid Frizzy Hair

How to Eradicate Frizzy Hair Applying Homemade Recipes

Frizzy hair is a problem that many women have. The reason could be that hair because of porosity absorbs humidity and becomes frizzy. Another reason is that hair becomes sometimes dry and this also leads to frizz.


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