Some ideas to celebrate a couple anniversary

Some ideas to celebrate a couple anniversary

One more year together deserves a celebration. Your ideas are run out? Do not worry, in this article, we will refresh your memory with some tips to celebrate a very especial a boyfriend and girlfriend anniversary.

15/07/13 por Eugenia

Tips to celebrate a couple anniversary

Couple anniversaries (boyfriend and girlfriend) are as deserving and important as wedding anniversaries. In a boyfriend and girlfriend anniversary the beginning of the relationship (its accurate date) is commemorated and that is why, we must grant it the importance it deserves.  

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In this article, you will find some good ideas to celebrate your couple anniversary and to create memorable moments between you and your couple and sharing each other in this especial date that symbolizes of the origin of the happy couple.

Revive the first date in your anniversary

Did you remember the bar where you meet each other? Revive that night to simulate that first meeting. Go to the same bar, restaurant or place where you meet each other for the first time and sit down where you where sit at that moment and repeat the scene to have fun, trying to regain as many details as you can, the same clothes, same drink as you can. Go to the same place and do the same activities, revive the first kiss or revive the moment in which you decided to formalize the relationship so as to celebrate this couple anniversary.

An exceptional anniversary

Instead of remembering the past you can organize a truly original, especial and exceptional activity if you want. You can organize a balloon travel and carry two champagne glasses to make a toast to your love at heights. Also, you can take a diving lesson and celebrate your love underwater or you can rent a car and go to that place that everyone talks about in the outskirts of the city to make an especial picnic there.

Another idea is to organize something exceptional in the couple anniversary. You can organize something simpler such as going to a luxurious hotel to spend the weekend or go to your neighborhood spa to spend the day. It is not far away from your house but also it is an activity that you are used to do it. Besides, being pampered in a luxurious hotel or spa will definitely make you feel relaxed and in be good humor to celebrate your love with all the luxuries it deserves.

"Go to the place where you meet each other for the first time and repeat the scene to have fun trying to regain as many details as you can."

Double surprise anniversary

Another possibility is to surprise each other organizing a double date. This does not mean to go out with another couple but the celebration of this couple anniversary has two parts. The first part consists of surprising your couple with any activity that you think he/ she will enjoy and the second part consist of something he /she organizes for you. Each one will have a special moment but shared between the coupleto commemorate one more year of love.

How to administrate the couple's money

The money in the couple

One of the most difficult subjects to deal with in marriage is money, because money is surrounded by lies, remorse and even humiliation that could break relationships.

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