How to make a nativity scene for Christmas

How to make a nativity scene for Christmas

The creation of the nativity scene is what children are more excited about. To do it with the family is a way to motivate the religious feeling and the love that reigns during this holidays seasons.

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When assembling the nativity scene

Since Jesus’ birth gives origin to Christmas and New Years, It is fair that we give him a place of importance. As the tree, the nativity scene is usually created on 8th December, when it is conmemorated the Virgin’s day, at least in most countries.

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Ideas to build a nativity scene at Christmas

First of all, we have to choose where we are going to create the nativity scene. Every member of the family should participate in the creation and provide as many ideas as possible to make the best nativity scene.

If we want to avoid a flat landscape, cadboard boxes or corrugated paper can be used to form mountains to which we can stick some moss to make them look more real.

For the creation of the nativity scene itself, a small house made with little branches or logs, dry loaves and grass, will be enough for a great decoration. If we want to add small cascades or lakes, we can use small mirrors or light-blue or white cellophane paper.

We should not forget to add the Christmas star and the intermitent lights, which can be white or of various colours.

When we already have the whole structure, we have to put the images, which according to the tradition, are usually put in the following order:

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Joseph, Mary, the monkey, the ox, the sheep and the sheperd are put the firt days. Not until December 24th the image of  the Child Jesus is included and the Three Wise Men on Febraury 4rd, when they arrived at the place where Jesus was born.

If we want to create a different nativity scene this year, there is nothing better than to do it ourself. We will need plasticine, clay or another type of simmilar mass, so we can enjoy a funny and at the same time educational time with our children.

Let Christmas spirit fill our home and arrange a nativity scene which family can be identified with.

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