How to seduce an Aquarius woman

How to seduce an Aquarius woman

Tips and tricks to seduce and conquer a beautiful and modern Aquarius woman. Who likes the weird, and the men who are decided and are subtle.

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Aquarius woman characteristics

The Aquarius woman is smart, independent, unpredictable and very unconventional. Generally, they are very attractive and seducers, they dress fashionable and once they are in love are super loyal.

The Aquarian woman likes the strange, the weird, the unusual, the unheard. Take her to dinner to an ethnic restaurant, better those where you can seat on the floor or on mattresses.

The Aquarius woman is so independent that she enjoy challenges and facing problems alone.

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How to conquer an Aquarius woman

  • If you wish to seduce an Aquarius woman, talk to her looking into her eyes deeply and sensually. Show yourself comprehensive and show her that you can be her friend, but always be yourself because she can detect falsehood from afar.
  • As she can’t support emotions, to conquer an Aquarian do not be sentimental or talk to her about family matters.
  • They like men: originals, witty, savvy, self-assured, those who know how to hold an intelligent chat and defend their views.
  • To conquer an Aquarian woman you will have to be tenderhearted, like her.  como ella. Give her something modern, avant-garde nature, ethnic or tribal and learn to live with her friends.
  • Do not try to control an Aquarius woman and never call her every five seconds when she goes out with her friends.
  • About love, they always follow the heart indications. When they decide to engage the do it step by step, they are loyal and make every effort to keep their relationship alive.
  • About sexuality, ask her what she wants and which are her fantasies. Surely she will tell you, and also might even describe them.

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Characteristics of the Gemini woman

Gemini woman is full of enthusiasm, hates routine and gets easily bored. She’s hard to please and she doesn’t like too much to be locked at home, if she feels locked, she will leave.

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