Homemade remedies for Lowering Cholesterol

Homemade remedies for Lowering Cholesterol

Tips, recipes and homemade remedies to Lower Bad Cholesterol, because it can produce serious health problems for people.

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How to Lower Cholesterol with Homemade remedies

The LDL cholesterol is considered bad cholesterol because it clogs the arteries when it accumulates on its walls. This accumulation produces a blockage and restricts the blood circulation.

Keeping bad cholesterol or the LDL cholesterol levels as down as possible, a person is avoiding illnesses and serious conditions as:

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  • Angina pectoris
  • Myocardial infarct
  • Stroke
  • Severe abdominal pain with or without pancreatitis
  • Enlargement of the liver and the spleen

These are the normal cholesterol and triglycerides levels

Homemade recipes and popular remedies for Lowering the Bad Cholesterol

  • Garlic cloves to reduce cholesterol
    Consuming half a garlic clove every morning. Chewing is not necessary, it may be swallowed directly.
    An apple fasting also helps to reduce cholesterol.
  • Homemade remedy made from vegetables
    Make a vegetable soup using 3 liters of water, some parsley´s sprigs, half of an onion, 100 gr. of cabbage, 3 celery sticks. All chopped in cubes. Let the soup boil with low fire for at least 15 minutes. Let it sit and then strain. Drink the soup adding the juice from a lemon.
  • Lecithin to lower bad cholesterol
    You can find capsules of lecithin at the vitamin zone, at almost every pharmacy.
  • Natural juice to reduce cholesterol
    Prepare the juice using a tablespoon of barley, a spoonful of oatmeal, 2 tablespoons of bran, 1 chopped apple, 1 cup and a half of water, and a teaspoon of honey. Blend all the ingredients and drink, preferably in the morning.
  • Maize bran
    Mix a tablespoon of maize bran with half cup of water. Consume it, better in the mornings.
    An alternative:
    Blend three tablespoons of oat bran into a glass of water. Drink that, every day.
  • Natural remedy with eggplant's water
    Take two litters of water and boil it for some minutes with an eggplant chopped in four pieces.  Drink that water during the day.
  • Infusions with linden and horsetail to reduce cholesterol
    Drink infusions made with linden (it is a vasodilatory and soothing) and horsetail, which contains silicon and stimulates the regeneration of elastic fibers in the arterial walls.
  • Cabbage to regulate cholesterol
    Boil half a cabbage into 5 liters of water for at least 20 minutes. Let it cool, and put it into a glass jar. Keep it in the fridge. Drink it during the day.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids
    Another natural remedy that can be purchased in capsules. It is very good to dissolve the cholesterol in the veins and the saturated fats.
  • Parsley wine
    Put into a red wine bottle 50 gr. of parsley. Let it sit for 12 days. Then, drink a glass after every meal.
  • Water oat to reduce cholesterol
    Water oat is very good at lowering cholesterol. Into a liter of water put 3 tablespoons of oat and let it sit for the night. Drink it during the day.

"All those foods and recipes are going to help you to lower cholesterol, but, should be done, paying attention to a healthy eating."

Juices to control cholesterol

  • Cucumber and guavas
    Drink twice a day a juice made with half of a glass of cucumber juice and half of a glass of guavas juice.
  • Pineapple
    Drink a glass of pineapple juice before and after meals. Do this for a week, then rest for two weeks and start again.

Foods that helps to reduce cholesterol

To lower cholesterol is recommended to increase the intake of broccoli, onions, dandelion, raw carrots, oat, spinach, grapefruit, alfalfa, flax, almonds, nuts, pollen, and olive oil.

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