How to make different creams for cakes

How to make different creams for cakes

Cream is by excellence the filling and cover for cakes.

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Cream recipes to fill cakes

If you want to surprise your sweet teeth guests with different flavors in your cakes, you can use a variety of creams.

This is very simple to do, you just need to mix plain cream with very ordinary and cheap ingredients (that you will surely find in your cupboard) and you will be able to prepare a variety of creams that will delight the palate of everyone.

Here, you will find three tips to make cake fillings:

  • Mix 200 grs of cream with 4 tablespoons of vanilla or chocolate dessert powder. Then, beat until the desired point.  
  • Mix 200 grs of cream with 5 tablespoons of  fruit gelatin powder and beat until the desired point.
  • Beat 200 grs of cream with 2 tablespoons of brown sugar until peaks are formed. Then, add 200 grs of pressed sweet potato` jam or “dulce de leche”to the mixture.

Translator notes: Dulce de leche is an Argentinian jam made of milk which is generally used to decorate cakes.

How to make Italian meringue

Italian meringue: Recipe and tips

The Italian meringue should be used as soon as it is made, as it loses its consistency and becomes difficult to handle once it gets cold. 

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