How to eradicate frizzy hair in a week

How to eradicate frizzy hair in a week

Do you want to eradicate your frizzy hair in a short period of time? , in this article you will see a guide that will help you eradicate frizz in only one week.

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How to eradicate frizz in one week

Certainly, you have seen models and celebrities with shiny, smooth and hair without frizz walking along the red carpet. This can be the result of a professional stylist´s creation made with highly expensive treatments and techniques, or the result of the care and dedication of its owner. So, you can also have hair without frizz in only one week, you just need to follow the next guide.

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Homemade Recipe to Avoid Frizzy Hair

Hair care to eradicate frizz

Care is highly necessary in order to have a stunning hair. Apart from applying shampoos, conditioners, balms and other high quality products, you should have extra help for its maintenance.

Drink, at least, two liters of water every day, eat lots of fresh fruits and raw vegetables and give an exfoliating massage to your scalp twice a week in order to release pores, remove dead cells and improve blood irrigation.

"Choose natural products and homemade masks in order to nourish, moisturize and give shine to your hair."

Avoid using capillary hygiene and cosmetic products made of alcohol, sulphates, sulphitos, mineral oils or silicone serums. Yet, choose natural products and homemade masks in order to nourish, moisturize and give shine to your hair. Fruits, aloe vera, olive oil and eggs are ideal ingredients to keep you hair healthy and without frizz, far from the undesired effects of commercial products.

Regular care for hair without frizz

Daily hygiene and maintenance are very necessary for a hair without frizz. Cut your hair every six or eight weeks, avoid hair colorants or dyes, combing creams, curling tongs, hair straightenings and hair dryers. If you really need to dye your hair, choose natural dyes without ammonia and natural bleaches.

To dry your hair, choose low temperature hair dryers or apply natural oils that protect your hair from extreme heat. Also, when leaving home, remember to apply any product to protect your hair and scalp from sun exposure

Natural masks recipes to fight frizz

There are many homemade masks that you can make to apply on the clean and wet hair. Then, you should let them sit for 15 or 20 minutes, and finally rinse with warm water. The best options are:

Milk and honey mask: Mix a cup of coconut milk with two tablespoons of organic honey bee. Add two tablespoons of olive oil, and if you prefer, a mashed avocado. Apply this preparation to nourish your hair

Cucumber and yogurt mask: Mix a cup of natural plain yogurt with a big and firm cucumber pulp. Apply this mask on the hair, let it sit and rinse with warm water. (untangle your hair using your fingertips).

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"Daily hygiene and maintenance are very necessary for a hair without frizz."

Almond essential oil: It is ideal to nourish and conditioner your hair. Apply an amount of this essential oil on your hands, to heat it, and apply it on the hair giving soft massages. Let it sit for some minutes and rinse. Also, you can alternate the almond essential oil with coconut essential oil, use them once a week.   

Avocado mask: Avocado is a great ally to hair because it helps fight frizz. Mash an avocado and add mayonnaise free from additives and chemical conservatives or mayonnaise with olive oil added. Let it sit for 20 minutes and rinse. Comb your hair with your fingertips and avoid hair dryers.

Homemade Recipe to Avoid Frizzy Hair

How to Eradicate Frizzy Hair Applying Homemade Recipes

Frizzy hair is a problem that many women have. The reason could be that hair because of porosity absorbs humidity and becomes frizzy. Another reason is that hair becomes sometimes dry and this also leads to frizz.


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