How to repair a damaged pixel on a LCD screen

Here we show you tow ways that you can use to recover a damaged pixel on a LCD screen.

22/05/13 por Staff de CHP

Ways to repair damaged pixels

On this article we are making reference to a pixel on a LCD screen that is not working properly. Here we show you two ways that you can use and has turned into believing persons to even the most skeptical. Try it, you are not losing anything, and then tell us how it was.

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First, we are going to say that a LCD screen pixel of any device (PC screens, tv, laptop, PSP, etc.) can be Red, Blue or Green, and has three ways to fail that are denominated:

Dead pixel: is one pixel always black, that has not emit any light from any color or intensity.

Stuck – pixel: is one pixel, that only shows two light levels, on or off, without going thru all other levels.

"There are two ways to repair damaged pixels on a LCD, the first one is by software and the second one is by hardware."

Hot – pixel: is one pixel that is emitting light continuously. That light is red, green or blue and is emitted at the major capacity it has.

These three failures can appear at any time on the LCD screens with TFT technology, even more, these can be on your screen since the first second you use it. These defects are not covered by the warranty if those defects are not over a certain number of pixels. It seems a joke but it is not, not for now until, the factories reduce those defects until a change of equipment does not signify, for them, an economical imbalance.

Trying to solve these failures there are two ways: one by software and other that we can name "by hardware".

Software method to repair damaged pixels

This method is a small program which produces intense flashes on a small window that we can move to the damaged pixel. We can use this program as many times as we need until it works.

There are many program versions to do this work, because, truly is a very simple program. One of those programs that you can download is UDPix, which also helps you to detect damaged pixels, putting the all the screen in one color.

Download UPDix

Other software, which is useful to repair a damaged pixel is JScreenFix, which has different applications according to the screen kind.

Hadrware method to repair a damaged pixels

This is a very effective method and goes this way:

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"Warranties do not cover damaged pixels, if those are not over a certain number."

  • Get a cloth or a towel slightly damp. Lightly means: water should not drop from the cloth at no time. It should be damp, not wet.
  • Locate and memorize the place where the damaged pixel is, and then turn completely off the LCD screen.
  • With your fingertip, softly press on the damaged pixel area, using the damp cloth. Do not press moreover because you can damage other pixels. Softly press while moving, with care, your fingertip over the damaged place.
  • Meanwhile you do this task, turn on the screen so that it get lit with the most intense image possible. Stop pressing, take out the cloth, and the pixel should be working.

This method is 80% effective. Try it, then leave us your comments.

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