How to Prevent the Dengue Fever

How to Prevent the Dengue Fever

In this article, you will know the different types of dengue fever and how to fight the carrying mosquitoes of this dangerous and deadly disease.

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What Should We Do in Order to Prevent Dengue?

There are 4 serotypes of the dengue virus (DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3, and DEN-4). A person will get the classic dengue fever the first time he or she is infected by one of these four virus serotypes. He or she will never suffer from dengue fever caused by the same type of virus, but the person can still be exposed to the remaining serotypes.

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What are the Classic Dengue Fever and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Symptoms?

If the person is infected again by the dengue carrying mosquito with one of the remaining virus serotypes, he or she can suffer from the dengue hemorrhagic fever, which is more dangerous and in many cases can cause death.

There are no vaccines to prevent the four serotypes, the only way to prevent the dengue fever is to eradicate the mosquito carrier of the dengue fever and take preventive measures, so the main goal is to avoid the larvae of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito which carries the dengue fever.

"By following these steps you will be protecting your family from the Dengue Fever."

Steps to Prevent the Dengue Fever

In order to avoid dengue fever it is necessary to eradicate mosquitoes from breeding.

  • Fill in holes on trees, windows and walls with concrete.
  • Get rid of water stored in containers, puddles, building stuff, etc.
  • Keep water tanks well covered so as to prevent mosquitoes breeding.
  • Replace water in flower pots with sand or earth. Do it at home, office, etc.
  • Make holes in old car tyres in parks or squares where children play to ensure no water is stagnant in them.
  • Bury all kinds of waste: shells, bottles, old tyres, empty cans or any other object that can store water.
  • Fill in septic tanks, drains and latrines in disuse with sand or earth.
  • Keep all containers, where water for households is stored, well covered.

Treatment of Water Stored in Swimming Pools

Steps to prevent mosquitoes from breeding from water stored in swimming pools.

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"By taking these preventive measures, we are all helping each other."

Water in plastic or concrete swimming pools should be in good conditions to be used and should be treated with larvicide products which take biological control over the larvae of the mosquito. This product contains bacilus thuringiensis which eradicate the larvae but it is a harmless product to animals and human beings.

In case of temporary plastic or canvas swimming pools, they should be drained and cleaned by brushing their edges to remove any possible mosquito egg and keep them in sheltered places to avoid rain water accumulation. If this is not possible, larvicide products should be used instead.

What are the Classic Dengue Fever and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Symptoms?

Classic Dengue Fever and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Symptoms

Dengue fever is an infectious disease caused by any one of four closely related viruses (DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3, and DEN-4). The viruses are transmitted to humans by the bite of a mosquito called AEDES AEGYPTI which is the carrier of the disease.


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