How to prevent Alzheimer

How to prevent Alzheimer

Here some diet tips and habits that helps to prevent Alzheimer.

16/05/13 por Evelyn

Tips to prevent Alzheimer

It is very nice to watch a child sitting on his grandmother's legs, listening to her stories from fifty years ago, when she was young and life was quite different. On the other hand, is very sad watching the grandmother prostrate on a bed, forgetting her memories like yesterday newspaper. Alzheimer produces that situation, and for the affected person family, is one of the most difficult illness, to deal with.

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Although the causes of Alzheimer are not well known, there are some precautionary things that we can do, though not completely reliable, those things can help to prevent the Alzheimer illness.

Diet to prevent Alzheimer

  • According to research, the weekly intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids improves brain functions. The blue fishes and vegetables like corn, soybean, sunflower and nuts are rich providers of this component.
  • E and B vitamins are important to prevent Alzheimer. Eating grains, yeast and meat, it is possible to help the hippocampal nerve cells (which is the one working with memory and learning) not getting damaged.

"Keep the mind into action to prevent Alzheimer."

Habits to prevent Alzheimer

  • Avoid smoking. Some research done in Stockholm indicates that there is a direct relation between the Alzheimer illness and the cigarette components.
  • To keep the mind into action to prevent Alzheimer. While the person has cognitive stimulation such as making crosswords, drawing and reading, the brain is going to be into action.
  • Avoid isolation. No matter how much you want to be a hermit, try to be in touch with your family, or enroll in a group so to be in touch with other people.
  • Is recommended to read frequently, watching documentaries and movies that move us to reflect.
  • If you suffer diabetes, will be necessary to follow a treatment and keep it stable.
  • Obesity must be controlled, to prevent Alzheimer and for other reasons.
  • Hypertension is another disease to which you should pay attention because it, by itself is harmful. Research indicates that it is related to Alzheimer.
  • Do exercise. At least, half an hour walking every day, so the body can combat brain and muscle atrophies.

Finally, if an elderly relative suffered the lost from a loved one, such as his couple, do whatever you can to avoid his depression, because that can unchain an Alzheimer illness incubation.

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