How to organize birthday parties for children (place, decoration, activities, menu, etc.)

How to organize birthday parties for children (place, decoration, activities, menu, etc.)

Birthday parties are really important and exciting for every kid, because they become the center of attention

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Organization of children's birthday

Birthday parties are unforgettable memories for children. Planning parties is not complicated, but occasionally all these options could make the election of the right choice difficult.

The place of the birthday party

The first thing is to pick the place; it can be at your own house, in some party lounge, in a country house, in a club, etc. The election of space, generally depends of the amount of guests that we are going to have, but don't forget, if the place is far away from home, maybe not all the guests could go there, in that case, it will be convenient to choose a closer place so everybody could go instead of a remote place where only few guests will attend.

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Let's remember that besides the children's tables, you must have one or more tables, according to the amount, to older people. You can put a table for the parents and godparents and other for not too close people. Don't forget, for kids and adults, to use tablecloths according to the party that will help the decoration look warm and colorful.

Birthday's party invitations

After you choose the place and guest's list, you have to create the invitations and distribute them. The first thing regarding the card, is trying to satisfy the taste and desire of your children, when it comes to colors, shapes, favorite characters, etc.

Cards should have this information: name of your children, place, date, start hour and finish hour and some telephone number.

Birthday menu

The next step is to determine the menu for that day. You can do it through a catering agency or by yourself. In both cases you'll have to elaborate a menu for children and for adults.

"Birthday parties are an unforgettable experience for the children. Organizing them is not complicated, but sometimes the amount of choices can complicate the proper choice."

The food for the children must be simple, not difficult to make and don't overreact with the amount, generally kids go to birthday's parties to play and not to eat. A very fun choice is that instead of serving drinks in the children's table, to set a "drinking bar" so children can drink whatever they want to.

The cake represents an important moment of the party, because it's the beginning of the end of the party, blowing out the candles and the longing "happy birthday". Its decoration must agree with the chosen theme and its filling not too sophisticated, nothing better that sweet milk, chocolate chips. You can use one candle or several candles according to the age of the birthday boy/girl, if you have original candles, the moment will be better.

Decorating the party

Decoration is an important part when planning a children's party. In this subject we have a lot of possibilities and the most simple and attractive one is a decoration with balloons: tunnels, flowers, arcs and balloon art (making figures with balloons) because it gives color and joy to your decoration. Don't forget the traditional piñata.

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Entertainment at the party

The entertainment at parties is related to the children's age. For little kids we can use clowns and if the birthday boy/girl is older, it is best to use a children's entertainer, the one that creates teams and competitions. If you have chosen a party lounge, it is best to find out how many options does the lounge has, because it won't be funny for a 10 year old that two clowns go to the birthday party.

Regarding the party toys, we can find such variety in special stores that we won't know how to choose. The best thing is to buy something of each thing. You can also rent some costumes (according to the age and favorite characters of the guests and the birthday boy/girl), and if the place of the party allows it, you can rent different children's games like jumping castle models, soccer games, carousels, etc.

To remember the party

Another thing you have to keep in mind is photos, hiring a photographer could be something hard with our budget. Taking the photos ourselves, is almost an impossible task, because probably we will be receiving guests and controlling that everything is in order. We recommend that you previously talk with some relative (uncle, aunt, older cousin, etc.) and ask him/her to be the official photographer of the party, in that way we will probably get a nice reminder of the party. Buy the camera film with time (if your camera is not digital) also remember to buy some new batteries, it will be a shame that in the middle of the party the batteries stop working and we end up with only half of the party in photos.

"The decor is a major part in organizing children's parties."

Souvenirs for the party guests

When the end of the party comes, put the souvenirs in a visible spot, so you could give them to the guests before they leave, is very usual, with the hectic party, that the souvenirs remain untouched in the same beautiful basket that they were in the first place. If you don't want that to happen, do the same thing that you did with the photos, ask some responsible old person to be in charge of giving the souvenirs to the children as their parents come to pick them up. The best thing to do is to place them near the door when the party ends, in this way no kid will leave without a souvenir.

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