How to open a Twitter account

How to open a Twitter account

We are talking about one of the most popular social networks in the world. If you're not part of that community, we explain step by step how to open a Twitter account.

31/03/13 por Evelyn

What is Twitter and why is it so popular?

Twitter is a social net that works like a little blog, where every message has a 140 characters limit, and you can write whatever you want. This device, a thoughts distributor, has become so popular because of the short texts and the amount of celebrities that use it to promote themselves; and some companies that usually use it to keep in touch with their clients, inform about their products, and to spread news, etc.

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Much is said about differences with Facebook, the other big social net, and the first difference is that Twitter is much more simpler, because it first objective is to share information in short texts, and the most important, is that the profiles are public, whoever can follow your information.

How to open your Twitter account?

If you want to open a Twitter account, you can do it easily and free, the only things that you need is an internet connection and follow the next instructions:

"Twitter is much simpler than Facebook because it first objective is to share information in short texts."

  • Reach the official site
  • Look for the place where it says: "New to Twitter? Sign up". Complete your full name, your e-mail and a password, then push the "Sing up in Twitter" button, to open a new account.
  • System will check for there are name coincidences, and send you a confirmation message to your e-mail.  Meanwhile you can check, again, if your password is safe. Choose one easy to remember but hard to guess (we recommend to mix uppercase and lowercase letters with numbers). Once completed all fields, press "Create an account" button.
  • Once you are inside, to the left will appear a suggestion list, for you to follow other users. You can choose what you want pressing the button a side. Also you can look for someone to follow, using the text square from the searcher, on the column top part.
  • On the next option, search among your contacts who might have an account to follow, writing on the square box your e-mail address and password (will appear option for Yhaoo!, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.) The system will search and tell who uses Twitter.

After you choose your e-mail contacts (you can jump this step), you will have your Twitter account created. From now on, depends on you to attract followers and shout to the world whatever you want, from this virtual place.

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If you are tired of Facebook, of spending many hours a day, of that your pictures are robbed, and accepting people by compromise, just to get their acceptation, this is the article you must read; because here we show you how to erase Facebook forever.

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