How to make polenta

How to make polenta

Polenta is an ancient food made of corn flour that can be prepared in many ways to enjoy its flavour.

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Properties of polenta

Apart from its delicious flavor, polenta also provides a lot of benefits to our organism.

Polenta is a very nutritive food that is prepared in a simple way, adding any liquid, salt and seasoned to taste. To make polenta, you can use water, broth, whole milk, skim milk, etc.

Other benefits of polenta (apart from its nutritive aspect and simple recipe), is that it provides carbohydrates, proteins, antioxidants and fiber, which help the body produce energy.

Another advantage is that it is easily digested, so it can be taken at dinner served with any side dish. Also, as it is food derived from a vegetable, so it does not contain cholesterol (if it is not prepared with milk).

"Polenta can be served as a first course as well as a side dish, main course and dessert."

Polenta also does not contain gluten, so is it an ideal food source for those people who suffer from a celiac disease or have gluten intolerance.

How to make polenta

  • If you do not want to make inedible food, it is important to pay attention to the portions of polenta and liquid that we will use. The best way to make it is by using 1 measure of polenta with 3 measures of the liquid you choose. If you prefer a thicker polenta, you should add less liquid.
  • Another secret is the way we pour the polenta into the water. We should always add the polenta slowly (as rain) and continuously stirring as soon as the water, milk or broth is boiling, because otherwise, lumps are formed and they will ruin our  presentation.
  • After making it, you can prepare many varied dishes.
  • Polenta can be served as a first course as well as a side dish, main course and dessert, as it accepts both sweet and savory tastes in its recipe.
  • Seasoning is added as soon as the water boils and before the polenta is added. Furthermore, apart from salt, you can add rosemary, nutmeg or oregano.


The following recipe is the base to make any kind of dish with polenta. You can add cheese, sauces, etc, to the polenta.


"Polenta is easily digested, so it can be taken at dinner."

  • 1 measure of polenta.
  • 3 measures of liquid.(water, milk or broth)
  • Pepper and salt.


Place the chosen liquid in a pot until boiling. Then, season and add the polenta slowly (as rain) continuously stirring to avoid lumps forming. Cook for 1 minute, let it rest for a moment and the polenta is ready.

Note: To prepare one portion, the estimated amount of polenta is ½ a cup with 1 ½ cup of liquid.

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