Passwords para Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 1 y 2 - Códigos PSP (A-D)

Cómo insertar las contraseñas en Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force PSP

Para conseguir la carta que desees introduce los códigos del truco en la máquina de contraseñas. (El código para la carta en inglés es igual a la equivalente en Español)

Donde encontrar la máquina de códigos en Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force - Códigos PSP

La máquina de códigos se encuentra en el LAB, bajas las escaleras y donde está el agente donde atrás hay como una pared mecanizada (no el agente de la registradora) vas a un lado de él y vas a encontrar un ícono que marca un teclado, pones Introducir Código y allí usas el truco de ingresar la contraseña para obtener la carta.

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Contraseñas de Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 1 y 2 de la A a la D

839946464-Starred Ladybug of Doom
237717167 Colored Fish
24140059A Cat of Ill Omen
06850209A Deal With Dark Ruler
49140998A Feather of the Phoenix
68170903A Feint Plan
21597117A Hero Emerges
00295517A Legendary Ocean
51351302A Man With Wdjat
05728014A Rival Appears!
28596933A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon
13026402A-Team: Trap Disposal Unit
89718302Abare Ushioni
27744077Absolute End
49771608Absorbing Kid From the Sky
18318842Abyss Soldier
89801755Abyssal Designator
41356845Acid Trap Hole
47372349Acrobat Monkey
62325062Adhesion Trap Hole
53828396Adhesive Explosive
25345186After the Struggle
18036057Airknight Parshath
06150044Alkana Knight Joker
99785935Alpha the Magnet Warrior
21070956Altar for Tribute
91869203Amazon Archer
67987611Amazoness Archers
73574678Amazoness Blowpiper
29654737Amazoness Chain Master
47480070Amazoness Paladin
94004268Amazoness Swords Woman
10979723Amazoness Tiger
98927491Ambulance Rescueroid
67371383Amphibian Beast
64342551Amphibious Bugroth MK-3
23927567An Owl of Luck
93221206Ancient Elf
31557782Ancient Gear
10509340Ancient Gear Beast
80045583Ancient Gear Cannon
92001300Ancient Gear Castle
67829249Ancient Gear Drill
83104731Ancient Gear Golem
56094445Ancient Gear Soldier
54912977Ancient Lamp
43230671Ancient Lizard Warrior
15013468Andro Sphinx
65064143Anti-Aircraft Flower
09156135Apprentice Magician
85639257Aqua Madoor
40916023Aqua Spirit
55001420Arcane Archer of the Forest
50287060Archfiend of Gilfer
49881766Archfiend Soldier
18378582Archlord Zerato
90374791Armed Changer
00980973Armed Dragon LV 3
46384672Armed Dragon LV 5
73879377Armed Dragon LV 7
59464593Armed Dragon LV10
09076207Armed Ninja
84430950Armed Samurai - Ben Kei
07180418Armor Axe
79649195Armor Break
15480588Armored Lizard
17535588Armored Starfish
20277860Armored Zombie
69296555Array of Revealing Light
42364374Arsenal Bug
55348096Arsenal Robber
85489096Arsenal Summoner
62633180Assault on GHQ
37053871Astral Barrier
02134346Asura Priest
88236094Aswan Apparition
13026402A-Team: Trap Disposal Unit
87340664Atomic Firefly
63689843Attack and Receive
91989718Attack Reflector Unit
37970940Aussa the Earth Charmer
71453557Autonomous Action Unit
99284890Avatar of the Pot
84914462Axe Dragonute
40619825Axe of Despair
11901678B. Skull Dragon
15317640B.E.S. Covered Core
22790789B.E.S. Crystal Core
44954628B.E.S. Tetran
88819587Baby Dragon
47453433Back to Square One
36280194Backup Soldier
40633297Bad Reaction to Simochi
07165085Bait Doll
00242146Ballista of Rampart Smashing
61528025Banisher of the Light
41925941Bark of Dark Ruler
81480460Barrel Dragon
89091579Basic Insect
61181383Battery Charger
63142001Batteryman AA
19733961Batteryman C
55401221Batteryman D
48094997Battle Footballer
05053103Battle Ox
40133511Bazoo The Soul-Eater
35149085Beast Soul Swap
32452818Beaver Warrior
16255442Beckoning Light
49522489Beelze Frog
20374520Begone, Knave
22996376Behemoth the King of All Animals
33731070Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World
85605684Berserk Dragon
39168895Berserk Gorilla
39256679Beta the Magnet Warrior
61127349Big Bang Shot
95472621Big Burn
14148099Big Core
42129512Big Koala
65240384Big Shield Gardna
51562916Big Wave Small Wave
59380081Big-Tusked Mammoth
41426869Black Illusion Ritual
72989439Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
65169794Black Pendant
38670435Black Tyranno
87564352Blackland Fire Dragon
39507162Blade Knight
58268433Blade Rabbit
97023549Blade Skater
89041555Blast Held By a Tribute
21051146Blast Magician
98239899Blast with Chain
21466326Blasting the Ruins
05464695Blazing Inpachi
32015116Blind Destruction
35215622Blindly Loyal Goblin
25880422Block Attack
25551951Blowback Dragon
53347303Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon
53183600Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon
23995346Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
89631139Blue-Eyes White Dragon
41396436Blue-Winged Crown
08715625Bokoichi the Freightening Car
57409948Bombardment Beetle
45898858Bonding - H2O
02204140Book of Life
14087893Book of Moon
38699854Book of Taiyou
66947414Boss Rush
81386177Bottom Dweller
76532077Bottomless Shifting Sand
29401950Bottomless Trap Hole
32296881Bountiful Artemis
87910978Brain Control
40267580Brain Jacker
71413901Breaker the Magical Warrior
79126789Broww, Huntsman of Dark World
06214884Brron, Mad King of Dark World
53586134Bubble Blaster
80075749Bubble Illusion
61968753Bubble Shuffle
06104968Bubonic Vermin
41859700Burning Algae
59364406Burning Beast
24294108Burning Land
80163754Burst Breath
27191436Burst Return
17655904Burst Stream of Destruction
78193831Buster Blader
84740193Buster Rancher
69243953Butterfly Dagger - Elma
17597059Byser Shock
97077563Call of The Haunted
04861205Call of the Mummy
11384280Cannon Soldier
95614612Cannonball Spear Shellfish
57953380Card of Safe Return
12183332Card Shuffle
00062121Castle of Dark Illusions
95841282Cat's Ear Tribe
95727991Catapult Turtle
29762407Cathedral of Nobles
96501677Catnipped Kitty
93220472Cave Dragon
91152256Celtic Guardian
51394546Cemetery Bomb
20228463Ceremonial Bell
28106077Cetus of Dagala
48276469Chain Burst
01248895Chain Destruction
57139487Chain Disappearance
79323590Chain Energy
88190453Chain Thrasher
77252217Chainsaw Insect
04031928Change of Heart
72630549Chaos Command Magician
82301904Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End
61044390Chaos End
97439308Chaos Greed
01434352Chaos Necromancer
09596126Chaos Sorcerer
47829960Chaosrider Gutaph
13179332Charcoal Inpachi
50412166Charm of Shabti
37421579Charubin the Fire Knight
16956455Chiron the Mage
40884383Chopman the Desperate Outlaw
81380218Chorus of Sanctuary
46910446Chthonian Alliance
18271561Chthonian Blast
72287557Chthonian Polymer
08508055Chu-Ske the Mouse Fighter
22479888Clay Charge
06967870Cliff the Trap Remover
86801871Cobra Jar
75109441Cobraman Sakuzy
60682203Cold Wave
07565547Collected Power
08964854Combination Attack
10375182Command Knight
22666164Commander Covington
43417563Commencement Dance
94192409Compulsory Evaculation Device
68057622Continuous Destruction Punch
33244944Contract With Exodia
69035382Contract With the Abyss
96420087Contract with the Dark Master
62966332Convulsion of Nature
23265313Cost Down
74458486Covering Fire
91782219Crab Turtle
93889755Crass Clown
31036355Creature Swap
52571838Creeping Doom Manta
14618326Crimson Ninja
37083210Cross Counter
64681432Crush D. Gandra
85802526Cure Mermaid
41398771Curse of Aging
66742250Curse of Anubis
84970821Curse of Darkness
28279543Curse of Dragon
94377247Curse of the Masked Beast
34294855Curse of Vampire
70095154Cyber Dragon
01546123Cyber End Dragon
74157028Cyber Twin Dragon
77625948Cyber-Dark Edge
40418351Cyberdark Dragon
41230939Cyberdark Horn
03019642Cyberdark Keel
62868900D - Shield
99075257D - Time
70074904D. D. Assailant
60912752D. D. Borderline
48148828D. D. Crazy Beast
08628798D. D. Dynamite
82112775D. D. M. - Different Dimension Master
86498013D. D. Trainer
05606466D. D. Trap Hole
07572887D. D. Warrior Lady
90925163Dancing Fairy
76895648Dangerous Machine TYPE-6
72520073Dark Artist
67049542Dark Bat
11321183Dark Blade
86805855Dark Blade the Dragon Knight
65287621Dark Driceratops
89111398Dark Dust Spirit
21417692Dark Elf
04614116Dark Energy
90928333Dark Factory of Mass Production
13722870Dark Flare Knight
53129443Dark Hole
02314238Dark Magic Attack
76792184Dark Magic Ritual
46986414Dark Magician
38033121Dark Magician Girl
40737112Dark Magician of Chaos
67227834Dark Magician's Tome of Black Magic
97642679Dark Master - Zorc
20522190Dark Mirror Force
98502113Dark Paladin
85562745Dark Room of Nightmare
92377303Dark Sage
47233801Dark Snake Syndrome
45895206Dark-Piercing Light
17881964Darkfire Dragon
05388481Darkfire Soldier #1
78861134Darkfire Soldier #2
43500484Darkworld Thorns
69122763Deal of Phantom
10209545Decayed Commander
69542930Dedication Through Light And Darkness
28593363Deepsea Shark
87621407Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive
44763025Delinquent Duo
39131963Des Counterblow
44883830Des Croaking
12965761Des Dendle
81985784Des Feral Imp
84451804Des Frog
78613627Des Kangaroo
69579761Des Koala
02326738Des Lacooda
09637706Des Wombat
93747864Desert Sunlight
94212438Destiny Board
77608643Destiny Hero - Captain Tenacious
13093792Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude
41613948Destiny Hero - Doom Lord
40591390Destiny Hero - Dreadmaster
35464895Destiny Signal
73481154Destroyer Golem
21219755Destruction Ring
84257639Dian Keto the Cure Master
03549275Dice Jar
95194279Dimension Distortion
37043180Dimensional Warrior
19612721Disc Fighter
62113340Divine Dragon Ragnarok
49010598Divine Wrath
74701381DNA Surgery
56769674DNA Transplant
03493978Don Turtle
76922029Don Zaloog
23965037Doriado's Blessing
28563545Dragon Seeker
01435851Dragon Treasure
66672569Dragon Zombie
71490127Dragon's Mirror
54178050Dragon's Rage
70681994Dragoness the Wicked Knight
43250041Draining Shield
13215230Dream Clown
12493482Dunames Dark Witch
60082867Dust Tornado

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